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this world is disheveled
almost as bad as my hair on a saturday morning
but worse
worse because there is bloodshed involved
worse because women and children and men are being gun-downed
worse because i cant do anything about it
a brush can't fix a mass of people on the ground
gunned down from the air,
it can't fix the pain of a mother's heart over the bleeding body of her six year old son
it can't order the mess that this world has fallen into due to hypocrisy and tyranny
it can't comb out the tangles of sleepless, sick, shaky nights when i miss you and hunger for you
as i do now
when i see people hurt and broken
i feel thankful for my problems
what i feel is nothing compared to the destruction that so many people face out there
rise oh sun rise and warm our world
i feel so lost in the midst of this outside destruction that i think constantly about
so lost
:iconemounluvedchik77:EMOunluvedchik77 1 1
Blue Blur by EMOunluvedchik77 Blue Blur :iconemounluvedchik77:EMOunluvedchik77 1 0 Strawberry Noon by EMOunluvedchik77 Strawberry Noon :iconemounluvedchik77:EMOunluvedchik77 2 0 bless. by EMOunluvedchik77 bless. :iconemounluvedchik77:EMOunluvedchik77 2 0 starburst by EMOunluvedchik77 starburst :iconemounluvedchik77:EMOunluvedchik77 2 2 day by EMOunluvedchik77 day :iconemounluvedchik77:EMOunluvedchik77 1 0
I looked up
and saw you
for such a long time
I breathed,
and lived on your love
I gave you all I had
depended on you
for my daily dose
of syrupy goodness
I turned to you during times of distress,
and anger
You knew how to handle me
when I was at my best
and when I was at my worst
you left
as abruptly as you came,
you left
and so,
here I am
holding on for dear life
you didn't stay long enough
to refill my prescription.
:iconemounluvedchik77:EMOunluvedchik77 0 4
another uh oh.
Slowly sinking
in this black ocean
my eyes sting
I may cry
don't let go
hold my ribs in place
holding it all in
hands on my waist
stop it
teasing me
tell these
dreams to end
its over
I bitterly
the water reaches my chest
its cold
stop it
just stop it
fuck your love
keep it
keep it
now its at my neck
flow back
my lips are white
just leave
leave me
go back and
just leave
and I drown
dreaming again
and again
won't you ever leave my head?
:iconemounluvedchik77:EMOunluvedchik77 1 0
the real nightmare
Your dark hair
slipping through my fingers
like silky threads
lying on velvet sheets
your head nestled against my gently
rising and falling chest
smoldering eyes,
caressing me
you smirk and slowly,
lovingly, stroke my cheek
leaning up,
your lips finally crashing against mine...
I open my eyes at the sound of my alarm
and sigh, sitting up
:iconemounluvedchik77:EMOunluvedchik77 3 2
a weakness
Short and sweet
tired but patient
bloody warmth
holds me in place
and the world tightens its grip
harder and harder
so now
I can't breathe
can't even gasp
can't even try
:iconemounluvedchik77:EMOunluvedchik77 2 1
    Watching you from afar, I sigh, wondering and wandering. Where will he be? Where will he be?
When can I finally feel fulfilled of all my desires and wishes and goals? When will I feel and be felt by
him, by someone, by a friend, by a lover, by someone out there feeling just like me, and wondering?
I've changed and I've grown and I've learned so much from teachers and friends and ex's and I feel
like I know the world and whats out there but this is only the beginning. The beginning of a never
ending roller coaster full of learning and reaching new heights and being scared after a fight or a
change in routine. I'm terrified but excited and wondering where and when and why and how. I will
meet new people and discover new things. I will break free of this pain and ignorance of whats out
'there'. I've read many novels and looked for many lost things. I haven't found everything or read
every book or felt every feeling there is to be felt. I know I'll forget and rememb
:iconemounluvedchik77:EMOunluvedchik77 3 1
Unearthing these strands
[of hair]
from the blackened dirt
snow flowing
down his beautiful bare back
[of porcelain]
never-ending broken fairytale
[of untold thoughts]
and forgotten childhood secrets
[of blood and flesh]
bleeding black and blue
the red faded out
[of wicked words]
play his harp
[of shredded bones]
hollow eyes
[of blood and flesh]
beyond death
and the red lips of a sweet rose
[of bitter breath]
wingless angels
[of bottled up dreams]
seer above
oh merciful
[of a godless world]
breathe and hold on
[of no end]
until the end.
:iconemounluvedchik77:EMOunluvedchik77 2 1
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My sorrows, my happy days, my heartbreaks are all here. Everything I feel is here. Memories and hardships are all here. Handle with care.

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      The warm summer day outside seemed to call me from my slumber. Sheets stuck to my body like a second skin. Sweat streaked my forehead and I looked down at the clock, it was 9 am. I turned to my side only to find the space next to me unoccupied. My husband must have gotten up early to go run. He kept in shape I will have to admit. His abs were solid to the touch. I would often run my hands down his chest over those perfectly shaped muscles. His skin was a beautiful shade. Not too dark but perfectly tanned like a surfer. Rich brown hair fell just mid neck length. It was slightly wavy. I can recall the softness even without touching it. Then there were the eyes, a golden brown like the color of wheat. They seemed to sparkle in the sunlight. I lost myself in his image. Drifting off into thoughts that ought not be pondered out loud.
The front door of the house clicked open and I walked to the stairs. Without noticing me at the top, Michael crept up the st
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my heart is bleeding from this
so i let you go from my heart, my life has ended from this sight u said u'd love me forever , i'm surrounded in pain and swormed in blood so i let u go from my fucking heart i can't take the pain u let me go it's getting worse your killing me inside so let me die in missory the tears fall short my blood flow stop's i'm dieing fast from your thought's your blood is boiling and your heart is floating i made the mastake not you i let u go for all this pain
:iconemokidwithrazorblade:emokidwithrazorblade 1 0
the pain is screaming an i can't stop this from bleeding my lungs are breathing, my heart is beating i just want it all to go away my heart is raceing it's flying with out it's wings it wants you tonight so hold me close just let the pain sink in it's killing me just let me bleed i'm dieing quick just hold out your hand i'll grab on quick i'm letting out the oxygen i'm gasbing for some air let me out my heart is bleeding i can't stand myself not breathing i need some fucking oxygen my heart is beating faster then ever before my blood flow is increasing as my heart is beating i can't stop myself from screaming this pain is working like a bullet in my head my heart won't stop it's bleeding i can't wait to die the pain consumes my laughter i'm drowning in my own blood let me out let me out i am suffacating i need a breath of air i'm suffacating
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My bra wraps around my breasts, holding them tightly, under my blouse. The straps feel heavy on my shoulders as I twirl my finger through my hair. My blouse is
light and through the white cotton my black lace bra is just discernible over my pale skin. I control my breathing taking long breaths pressing my bosom into my bra cups feeling the pressure holding me in.
The top two buttons on my blouse are open and leave my neck and shoulders on display, with no sign of my school tie. The blouse is tied off above my naval in a
large but loose knot, my waist as visible as my neckline.
I wriggle in my seat pressing my thighs together tighter, the nylon of my thick blue tights stroking against my long smooth legs. I smile inside at the feeling of my smooth flesh pressed close together.
My navy blazer rests on the back of my chair framing my waist above my lap. The grey of my short pleated skirt breaks the flow of blue between tights and jacket, its obvious that I've rolled my skirt up, well abov
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Amazing, amazing, amazing! All of the artwork that I have faved is amazing stuff made by amazing artists <3.



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Seriously going crazy over :iconelizabeth-may:'s calendars! :faint:


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